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Leak Detection Services Springfield MO

Redeemed Roofing Systems LLC wants to be the Top Choice for Commercial & Industrial roof repairs and restorations in Springfield, MO and the surrounding communities. Therefore we have invested in the leading infrared thermal imaging technology allowing us to efficiently and effectively locate, diagnose and provide detailed reports that show exactly where your roofs weakest points are. Once a proper inspection has been done an accurate estimate can be provided. Honestly anyone else is just looking around!

A roof patch is a quick and cheap way to fix your leaky roof, but can cost thousands in the long run if you don't understand what's lurking underneath.

Redeemed Roofing Systems rooftop energy management experts can capture a thermal image of your roof that can identify pockets of wet insulation that aren't viewable to the naked eye and that could result in severe energy loss. This allows you to properly repair, and restore your system to its original level of energy efficiency. In many cases, the roof can still be repaired while being restored to its original level of energy efficiency.

Detect problems before they occur, prevent small problems from becoming large and costly, and find the optimal solution for your leaky roof.

Infrared Roof Scan can:

  • Detect roof leaks, by identifying pockets of saturated insulation
  • Illustrate the full impact of past leaks
  • Identify areas of energy loss
  • Help building owners find the optimum solution to stop leaks

In today’s economy, can you afford to have energy escaping though your roof? Can you afford to replace your roof prematurely due to roof leaks?

Why We are Successful

There are literally dozens of different types of commercial roofs, and each system requires it's own unique repair and restoration method. Redeemed Roofing Systems has serviced each and every type of commercial and industrial roof. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest specs and installation techniques. Commercial roofing is our specialty, from Standing Seam Metal to TPO, and everything in between we are here to help you and your company keep your property safe and dry!

Leak detection and repair
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